Analysis of High School Teachers’ Level of Using Information Technologies

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Science, Technology & Engineering

Year: 2019


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Analysis of High School Teachers’ Level of Using Information Technologies

Melike Özyurt and Nermin Eroğlu



The overall this research is to analyze the levels of using information technologies of the teachers at secondary level in terms of gender, branch, school type, length of seniority, class size, in-service training in using information technologies, variety of technological tools present at school. The design of the research in which mixed research method is used is sequential explanatory design. The sample of the study is comprised of totally 513 teachers serving at fifteen schools affiliated to the District Directorates of National Education of Sahinbey and Sehitkamil in Gaziantep province in the 2018-2019 academic year specified through stratified sampling. “The Scale of Designating Teachers’ Levels of Using Information Technologies” and an interview form were used as the data collection tools of the study. Percentage, frequency, independent samples t-test and One-Way Anova Analysis were used in the analysis of the quantitative data of the research. On the other hand, content analysis was used in that of the qualitative data of the research. As a result, it was determined that the level of using information technologies decreases as the teachers get older and years of seniority go up and as the variety of technological tools increases, the levels of teachers’ using information technologies go up. Furthermore, teachers’ levels of using information technologies differ significantly in the variables of gender and attending in-service trainings and this difference is in favor of male teachers between male and female teachers and of the teachers attending in-service training when compared to those who haven’t. However, no significant difference in teachers’ level of using information technologies was found in terms of branch, class size and school type. In the analysis of the quantitative findings of the research, it was settled that teacher utilize information technologies in the academic process to enhance the effectiveness of the lessons and offer visual quality. The reason why information technologies are not used is teachers’ lack of information and practice. It is suggested that the training provided to the teachers in this subject be directed and practice, the participation of teachers in these trainings be increased and followed up.

Keywords: education; information technology; academic process; usage of information technology.