The Inspiration Learning Promotion among Undergraduate Students by using Passions Driven

Proceedings of The 5th International Conference on Modern Approaches in Science, Technology & Engineering

Year: 2019


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The Inspiration Learning Promotion among Undergraduate Students by using Passions Driven

Anucha Kornpuang



Current and future technology and information changes transformed the promotion of learner skills both of cognitive skills and non-cognitive skills. This research aimed to build development of life skills for undergraduate students by using their passions driven. The samples were 640 undergraduate students of Naresuan University, Thailand who enrolled in the Life Skills course ( 001237) in the first semester of the 2018 academic year. The study followed the classroom action research (CAR) steps in research method. The students (10 students per group) were assigned to do a project on their passions to create a mission they thought the world would need in one month and present their project through social media, and lesson learn by using After Action Review (AAR), respectively. The qualitative data were collected and analyzed by coding analysis technique. The findings from the  projects done by 67 groups divided into five major groups of project were 1) New generation of people and 2) Inquiry 3) Handmade, Art 4) Natural Environment Conservation and 5) Volunteer. It found that students’ existing passions will be loved, liked and good at called a being inspired-by inspiration. After beginning to do projects, a being inspired-to inspiration will be occurred to inspire thinking and fun, not stop on the way, and happy when others accept and help the others and community. It can summarize that projects using passion dynamic could enhance learners’ 21stcentury skills especially learning in themselves and others, communication skill, collaboration as a team, and leadership development.

Keywords: Inspiration Promotion, Life Skills, Passion Driven.