Application of Supercapacitors to Drive Electric Vehicle

Proceedings of The World Conference on Engineering and Technology

Year: 2019


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Application of Supercapacitors to Drive Electric Vehicle

Prasit Phoosomma, Prayut Nisapakul and Kitti Korbuakaew




This paper focuses on the energy management in a fast charging station for supercapacitors (SCs) alone and storage device in electric vehicle (EV). The main objective to minimize the duration of the battery charging process and the time. The operation model of the energy storage system and the power supply by supercapacitors to driving electric vehicles. The capacity of a supercapacitors that can be used to drive an electric vehicle of 4 seats. The advantages of supercapacitors are high power density, high efficiency, fast charging and discharging speed, long cycle life, wide operating temperature range and environment friendly. The results show that charge and discharge at voltage rated 48-V, 10-A maximum efficiency of 98.88%. For charging and discharging at the current rated 100-A, the efficiency lower of 91.74%. The driving electric vehicles with a supercapacitor at a total weight of 405 kg can be driven to the distance of 1150 meters, take time of 6 minutes 21 seconds and average speed 10.86 km/h. Using supercapacitors as a power source to driven at a total maximum weight of 480 kg at the current 20.33-A, time of 7 minutes, 27 seconds and power of 798.29-W. The supercapacitors can be driven to a distance of 1010 meters, it takes time 5 minutes, 15 minutes and the average constant speed of 11.54 km/h. The power to drive 822.47-W, to achieve the highest efficiency 97.06%. This system proposed the implemented effectively renewable energy resource.

Keywords: Charging and Discharging, Electric Vehicle, Supercapacitors.