Teaching Literature through YouTube Videos: A Case Study

Proceedings of The world conference on Future of Education

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/wcfeducation.2019.09.519

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Teaching Literature through YouTube Videos: A Case Study

Houda Boumediene, Fatiha Berrahal and Mustapha Bouakkaz



The current study is designed to evaluate the use of YouTube videos as a pedagogical tool in teaching literature. Thus, it aims to examine the usefulness of the implementation of YouTube videos in teaching English literature and more specifically The English Novels, as a new teaching tool, which facilitates conveying novels to EFL students and improves their achievements in literature classes. This work has a descriptive-analytical nature based on the qualitative method to better demonstrate the results. The data were collected through a questionnaire addressed to 10 % of Master One students randomly chosen at the Ammar Thelidji University of Laghouat-Algeria; and a semi-structured interview with all teachers of literature, and they are four. The main findings of the study showed that the integration of YouTube in teaching and learning English literature is beneficial, important, motivating and exposes students to a better understanding of the novel and its plot which ideally contributes in ameliorating their achievements in literature classes.

Keywords: Descriptive Analytical nature; EFL students; English Novels; Novel class; Qualitative Method.