Heuristic Based Optimization for Design Of A Grid-Connected Hybrid Renewable Energy System

Proceedings of the 4th international conference on knowledge and innovation in Engineering, Science and Technology

Year: 2018

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/4kiconf.2018.12.21

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Heuristic Based Optimization for Design Of A Grid-Connected Hybrid Renewable Energy System

Ozan Çapraz , Aşkıner Güngör



The energy sector is undoubtedly one of the most important sectors in the world in terms of social, environmental and economic contexts. In recent years, there is a growing interest in the field of renewable energy owing to environmental concerns and increased energy demand.Especially, hybrid renewable energy systems (HRES) has started to attract attention, and thus has become the focus of studies and widely discussed in the related literature. In fact, one of the critical topics studied in this field is the size optimization problem of HRES which can workin stand-alone or grid-connected mode. Stand-alone HRES is considered as a viable option to meet energy needs of remote areas which are far from the grid. On the other hand, gridconnected HRES is generally preferred for the areas close to the grid. One conclusion is drawn from the literature that there is a tendency for the optimal size of grid-connected HRES.Therefore, this study addresses the sizing problem of a grid-connected HRES. At first, the problem is mathematically formulated using mixed integer programming model. Since theproblem is a combinatorial optimization problem, which includes integer decision variables, a novel heuristic based algorithm is proposed. The algorithm is applied to a hypothetical case study using MATLAB software. A sensitivity analysis on some parameters is also performed.

Keywords: Mixed Integer Programming; Sizing problem; Standalone systems; Wind energy.