The Impact of Trucking Back-Haul in the Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Proceedings of The International Conference on Advanced Research in Supply Chain Management

Year: 2021


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The Impact of Trucking Back-Haul in the Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Ahmed Abd Rab Elnaby Mohamed, May Salah ElDine Mohamed, and Mohammed Mahmoud Abokhashaba



The main objective for any business is profit making, through increasing the revenue and/or reducing the cost. The Empty trips for the longer travel distances considered to be inefficient performance in transportation cost analysis. The interest in sustainable supply chain management has been growing rapidly over the years. Any successful organization seek to minimize negative environmental emissions impact on their community. One way to increase efficiency in transportation is to increase the fleet utilization through the addition of backhaul routes. Backhaul trucking is a transportation method to reduce empty truck-miles by having drivers haul loads on trips back to their home terminal and considered to be one of the least expensive approaches to improve the transportation costs. The revenues generated from the backhaul trips reduced the logistics cost, and impact on decreasing the environmental emissions by decreasing the CO2 emissions. also, affect the social style of the drivers. This paper will examine the impact of Backhaul on the sustainable supply chain practices on its environmental and economic aspects. This paper aims to review systematic literature on the relationships between Backhauling and SSCM. Finally, a qualitative approach will be conducted through semi-structured interviews with experts from the logistics and supply chain fields to investigate the current situation of Backhauling in Egyptian market.

keywords: back-haul network size; back-haul trip; sustainable supply chain management drivers; logistics fright cost; truck’s productivity.