Impact of training through long-term in-service programmes on teachers’ practices – The case of Oman

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2019


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Impact of training through long-term in-service programmes on teachers’ practices – The case of Oman

Dr. Amira Al Shabibi



This large-scale research was conducted to measure the impact of training of long-term in-service programmes that last for between one, and two and a half years. The research aimed at identifying the changes that occurred in teachers’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. It also aimed at determining the impact of trainees on teaching and learning process in schools, and their impact on the school community as a whole. This research was conducted in cooperation with the Finnish University of Turku to ensure research quality and commitment to internationally recognised scientific research methodologies. The research instruments varied between qualitative and quantitative. Several instruments were implemented including:  classroom observation, interviews with school principals, surveys of school students and self-assessment surveys by trainees. One of the most important findings of the research in general was the positive impact of training at The Specialised Centre for Professional Training of Teachers. The positive impact appeared in improving the teaching practices among the trained teachers compared to those who did not undergo training in the Centre. The trainees were also more conducive to improving students’ attitudes towards learning. The findings also revealed that female trainees are more involved in improving the quality of teaching and the most influential in their colleagues’ behaviour and their students’ attitudes towards learning. The research recommended activating the research findings in evaluating the Centre’s nine long-term programmes and using the results to contribute to these programmes’ future developments.

Keywords: teachers; professional development; trainees; measuring impact; change.