Vietnamese LGBT pop music in the 2010s

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Vietnamese LGBT pop music in the 2010s

Tien Quyet Ly



In recent years, we have witnessed the striking appearance of LGBT pop music into the local entertainment business of Vietnam. A series of well-known composers such as Thái Thịnh, Phương Uyên, Nguyễn Hồng Thuận, Ham Let Truong etc,. have written trendy songs which express LGBT identity and sensibility. Their lyrics are largely about same-sex love: intimate feeling, a sense of gay destiny, unashamed sexuality, personal suffering, and power of love. These songs encompass all human feelings: passion, hate, sorrow, anger, worries,and happiness. Composed for singers on stage, MV, Youtube clips, theater, and movies, this music is diverse in its forms and styles; styles range from traditional yellow music to modern popular music, which shares the same sounds and melodies as that of Japanese Tanbi and Korean boys’ love music which has recently circulated over Asia. Starting in the 2010s and growing in tandem with Vietnam’s LGBT movement, this music has not only touched the heart and won the sympathy of Vietnam’s gay community but also the larger public, contributing to a flourishing of LGBT culture, diversifying Vietnam’s extraordinary musical treasure and highlighting the colors of Asian pop music in times of globalization.The paper examines the background into which Vietnamese LGBT music was born and develops; its styles, themes as well as its own particular and similar features with the regional boys’ love pop music. The paper also studies its identity, positive role in the entertainment industry, its role in diversifying of Vietnam’s pop culture and its role on the promotion of the welfare on Vietnam’s LGBT citizens by furthering the native LGBT rights movement.

KeyWords: LGBT, pop music, Vietnam, love, culture, right.