Modeling an ontology for public E-Government Services in Albania

Proceedings of International Academic Conference on Research in Engineering and Technology

Year: 2019


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Modeling an ontology for public E-Government Services in Albania

Jonida Shehu and Endri Xhina




Providing electronic public services by government web portals in Albania has been one of the key governance challenges. This goal is achieved by e-Albania, operating as a centralized web application that allows citizens to utilize public online services that focus on their quotidian demands. Citizens’ search for services is often spontaneous and directly related to their life events, so it is necessitated to find a method to conform this search to the corresponding service.  In this paper, we discuss semantic web technologies, and we propose an ontology named OntoAL, designed to meet the governing structure adequately in Albania. The primary intention is to build a tool that searches the ontology to provide meaningful and accurate results for the public service even when the input is not precisely defined according to the represented public service. The integration of this tool into the government e-Albania web portal would facilitate user experience by willingly providing more frequent use of the established services related to their life events. Another application of the knowledge obtained by the ontology could be in the process of alteration or addition of new services in e-Albania.

Keywords: Ontology, semantic search, E-Government, public services, OntoAL.