Understanding the TOD Concept of Historical Areas Through Precedent Studies

Proceedings of The International Conference on Advanced Research in Applied Science and Engineering

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/raseconf.2019.07.356

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Understanding the TOD Concept of Historical Areas Through Precedent Studies

Ari Widyati Purwantiasning and Saeful Bahri



This research is part of multi-year research, which is undertaken for two years. It aims at understanding the implementation of TOD concept through precedent studies. The significance of this research is the areas of precedent studies of historical areas within metropolitan cities. The idea of TOD itself has been regarded as a perfect solution for a metropolitan city which has a relatively large population. This research has conducted historical areas for the study because the concept of TOD has been promoted as a perfect solution to improve and enhance the quality of life of the historical areas (the built environment and the local community itself). This research has implemented the qualitative method using precedent studies as a way of thinking to get the typology of the historical district which used the TOD concept. We have conducted two precedent studies which have a historical area within a metropolitan city. They are Hong Kong with Kowloon Historical Area, and Turkey with Istanbul Historical Area. Each precedent studies have described their significance and uniqueness of their character of the historical area. From this initial study, we have concluded the character of the historical area in each precedent studies, and we have underlined the typology of the implementation of TOD concept within the historical area.

Keywords: Transit Oriented Development, Historical Area, Kowloon, Istanbul.