Tourism space use and motivations among the Hungarian LGBTQ segment

Proceedings of The International Conference on LGBT studies

Year: 2022



Tourism space use and motivations among the Hungarian LGBTQ segment

Balázs Attila Szabó



This research is based on the results of a questionnaire survey of LGBTQ people in Hungary. It examines the travel of LGBTQ people from three different perspectives. First, which destinations are considered LGBTQ destinations by Hungarian LGBTQ people? Secondly, what did they choose as their last three destinations? These two spatial arrangements will be compared to the existing or perceived spaces of LGBTQ tourism. It can be said that the Hungarian LGBTQ community is aware of the European LGBTQ destinations and the real gay tourism spaces. For recent destinations, the share of domestic trips is high. The top destinations abroad are Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria and Croatia. A difference can be seen in the case of spaces experienced, where Hungary appears more strongly as a domestic destination, as well as neighbouring destinations such as Austria and Croatia, which are presumably not LGBTQ motivated. In addition to the tourist destinations, the travel motivations of Hungarian LGBTQ people based on this sample are also presented. As a result, we can see that most of the motivations are the same as those of the majority of society, such as warm sunny weather, relaxing at the beach, visiting natural places of interest. However, it is clear that events, hotels, restaurants, bars, which are specifically specialised for the LGBTQ segment, are not among the most highlighted travel motivations among Hungarian LGBTQ people. However, the LGBTQ friendly destinations and the open and inclusive society are considered to be an important factor when travelling.

keywords: gaytourism, gayspace, LGBTQ tourism, gaystudies, gaygeography