Resource construction in social enterprises: The role of entrepreneurial bricolage

Proceedings of ‏The International Virtual Conference on Management and Economics

Year: 2020


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Resource construction in social enterprises: The role of entrepreneurial bricolage

Adriana Mohd. Rizal , Khairul Akmaliah Adham



Social entrepreneurship attracts interest of scholars and practitioners due to its impact on solving social problem and creating social value. One of the crucial issues in social entrepreneurship is resource constraint that hinder social enterprises from solving social problem and exploiting new opportunities. The literature has highlighted the entrepreneurial bricolage behaviour for enabling creation of resources in pursuing opportunities in a resourceconstraint environment. However, the over dependence on bricolage may cause drawbacks such as more time are required to gather and recombine resources from social network. Through a bias of action, social enterprises engage in bricolage which involves trial and error responses which may contribute to the firms experiencing negative outcomes and inefficiencies. The present literature gives less focus to the process of resource construction through bricolage behaviour. Addressing such gap is critical because research on resource construction and bricolage behaviour promotes understanding of how social enterprises develop its unique resources while staying competitive especially in the early stage of firm development. The objective of the study is to review the literature on resource construction and use of bricolage in social enterprises. The study provides insights into the dual role of entrepreneurial bricolage in resource construction within social enterprises.

Keywords: Social entrepreneurship, resource constraint, resource construction, bricolage.