Managing a sustainable tourism destination

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Management & Economics

Year: 2018


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Managing a sustainable tourism destination

A. Panić , M. Koščak  and B. Pavlakovič



Likewise, any other industry, tourism faces modifications which are stimulated with technological, social and environmental changes. New concepts of tourism have emerged that understand tourism on a different, more social-responsible and educative way. Therefore, tourism developed new branches which emphasize socio-ecological awareness, clear goals and more comprehensive approach in tourism management. Tourists who are interested in this kind of tourism experience request high level of sustainable and responsible attention, better off for residents and promotion of local uniqueness, such as local culture, history, cuisine, events, etc. Therefore, there is a need for well-organized tourism management which will gather all of these requirements and convert them to a unique tourism offer. There are many successful practices, not only in Europe but overseas, which could use as an example of good and sustainable tourism management. On the other hand, Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, struggles to achieve this kind of tourism attractiveness. Many complains on city’s tourism offer are persistent, as well as critics regarding the sustainable and responsible standards and cleanliness of the city. Because of that, this paper will provide overlook on current circumstances in Belgrade and provide examples and suggestions on steps which need to be undertaken in order to make better environment for both tourists and local society.

Keywords: Belgrade, tourism, development, sustainability, sustainable tourism.