EFL Teachers’ Awareness of Dyslexia in Algerian Middle Schools

Proceedings of The International Conference on Teaching, Learning and Education

Year: 2019

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.33422/ictle.2019.03.158

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EFL Teachers’ Awareness of Dyslexia in Algerian Middle Schools

Miloud Fekih



In this study, Algerian EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers’ awareness of, and familiarity with, dyslexia was explored to understand their perspectives on learners with the condition. A purposive sample of 42 EFL teachers from all over Algeria (North, South, West and, East) was surveyed, starting with a web-based questionnaire that addressed teachers’ awareness and knowledge about reading difficulties. Semi-structured interviews were then conducted with 15 EFL teachers in order to dig deeply into teachers’ understanding and comprehension, followed by two focus group discussions conducted with 8 teachers for more understanding. Findings revealed that the overwhelming majority of Algerian EFL teachers in this sample are not aware of dyslexia but instead linked it to other disabilities. In addition to that, participants’ answers demonstrated that because of their poor knowledge of dyslexia they misconceive affected learners and see them as lazy, stupid and or incapable to learn. Overall, the study revealed that awareness and acquaintance among EFL Middle school teachers in Algeria are poor in relation to dyslexia. Thus, it is recommended that all teachers need to have compulsory training programs that stress the understanding of learning disabilities especially dyslexia and the importance of accommodating learners’ needs.

Keywords: dyslexia, awareness, understanding, Algerian EFL teachers, attitudes.