Motivation in Classroom

Proceedings of the International Conference on Social science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2018


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Motivation in Classroom

Erhan Eroğlu



The study aims to tell the teachers that even with the best materials and methods, teaching does not goes in its track without the key element, motivation. It is not a lapse to claim that people get the best out of themselves when they are eager to do the job. The source of motivation is mostly different for the learners than those what the educators think. They might try hard to strengthen the motivation in their classrooms, however, most of the times their efforts collapse without communicating with the students on the matter as they assume that all the learners are motivated by the same/ similar factors. This study aims to find out the learners’ motivation reasons. To achieve that students have been asked about the factors which are crucial to make them motivated to learn and be engaged in the learning settings. The results show that the learners are dealing with lots of other details than the educators might list and they state that in the absence of those factors they take a dislike to be attentive in the classroom.

Keywords:Communication, Interaction ,Learning,Motivation, Teaching.