Brand Experience Concept for Elderly

Proceedings of The International Conference on Social Sciences in the 21st Century

Year: 2019


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Brand Experience Concept for Elderly

Susisada INTRA and Jantima KHEOKAO



While countries have taken 18 -115 years to transition from “aging” to “aged” society, Thailand is taking only 20 years, the fastest and earliest developing country to become an aged society. The signal is that the aging population is expected to grow a significant role in the marketing communications academic and the associated business sector. However, problems related to brand communication still occur with the elderly consumer, so the brand experience communication is important for building emotional bonds to creating a strong brand attachment between elderly consumers and brands. The purpose of this study is to the understanding of concepts related to the brand experience. To be used as a part to study Brand Experience Communication of the Elderly in Thailand. The study uses a qualitative research methodology. Through documentary research and synthesize 21 related research paper from 2103 to 2018. Results have shown that Experience is going on when consumers search for a product, buy and use the service. The consumer experience can be divided into 1) Product experience, such as in the automotive industry, luxury goods. 2) Consumption experiences such as visits to museums and travel. 3) Experiencing touches with various stimuli related to brands, such as special events, product placement, and 4) Shopping experience and service, such as library services, The hotel industry respectively. In summary, the brand experience can occur in many dimensions. It can happen throughout the Customer Journey.

Keywords: Aged society, Brand, Experience, Elderly Consumers, Marketing communication.