New Attitudes to Masonic relations and Prussian Lithuanian literature

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2019


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New Attitudes to Masonic relations and Prussian Lithuanian literature

Kotryna Rekašiūtė




The development of Lithuanian culture in the Kingdom of Prussia was influenced  not only by politics, but also by the ideas promoted by the newly forming Masonic associations. Therefore, it is only natural that quite a large number of participants in the Lithuanian cultural and other activities were members of different Masonic organizations. During the report, attempts will be made to analyse the penetration of the Masonic ideology and its impact on the cultural life of Prussian Lithuania in the eighteenth, especially nineteenth and twentieth centuries and to identify the specialists of Lithuanian philology that were members of Masonic organizations in Prussia. In spite of the significant impact of the Masonic ideology on the development of Lithuanian culture, as pointed out by scientists of various fields, the topic has not been studied systematically from the point of view of the history of literature of Prussian Lithuania. Undoubtedly, this is quite new approach in Humanities, especially in history of Prussian lithuanians. This new standpoint and attitude will allow us to make new insights, related with lithuanian writings. The planning report will seek to briefly share thoughts about planning scientific dissertation. The report will help us to disclose little explored cultural contexts of East Prussia, provide new and valuable information related to Masonic activities and their influence on cultural development.

Keywords: Prussian Lithuania; writings; Freemasons; personalities; impact.