SCANDERBEG – Dramaticus heros

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2018


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SCANDERBEG – Dramaticus heros

Erenestina Halili , Lisandri Kola



Literature, in our case drama, is presented as a great metaphor of an imitative vision of reality. As we will see, this was really the orientation that gave life to imitation patterns and characters that inspired dramatic Albanian literature in its streams.
So in this sense, it is also documented in the genre of drama, a literary work on the figure of Gjergj Kastrioti-Scanderbeg, from the dramatic Franciscan inspiration.
Athleta Christi, was and remains a very loving and quirky figure in the creativity of the Franciscan Minor brothers, both as an inspiration and as a contextualized model throughout their pastoral and cultural-artistic mission.
The Drama “Gjergj Kastrioti -Skanderbeg” was discovered in the data of the Central State Archive, Tirana. This fact dimensionally increases the figure and creative capacities of the Franciscan fraternity in another genre of literature and serves among others as an additional argument in the evaluation of the figure of leader, from the entire Franciscan literary school.
This publication marks another act in the dramatic genre, giving another opportunity, a self-deceitful perspective as a dynamic report, which ultimately gets life from the reader.

Key words: Drama; Franciscan Literary School; Theatrum Mundi; Transliteration; Author-reader report.