Developmental Prospects of Women Entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan and an Analysis of the Problems They Face

Proceedings of The International Conference on Research in Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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Developmental Prospects of Women Entrepreneurs in Azerbaijan and an Analysis of the Problems They Face

Assoc. Prof. Fariz Ahmadov, Res. Asst. Ulkar Zeynalova, Res. Asst. Ulkar Bayramova and Res. Asst. Orxan Quluzade



The greater the size of entrepreneurship in a country’s economy, the economy of that country is considered so strong. For this reason, many developing countries pay great attention to entrepreneurship in the process of the transition to a market economy. One of the main problems facing the transition to a market economy is the creation of a suitable work environment and a business environment. The main challenge for these countries is to reduce poverty and achieve prosperity. One of such strategies in the modern world is the growth and development of women’s entrepreneurship. It is great importance to explore the subject in the country, which separates the Soviet Union from a planned economy to a market economy, which is a country where entrepreneurial ideas have begun to be formed.50.1% of the population of Azerbaijan Republic, which is one of the countries where market economy is newly established, consists of females. This study examines their entrepreneurial activities, their role in the economy and the problems they face.The article discusses the possibilities of applying the experience of countries in this field in the world. In addition, the current situation of women’s entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan, development prospects,the role of women in the country’s economy, the problems faced by women entrepreneurs have been investigated and analyzed. For this purpose, a survey was conducted for women entrepreneurs, and analyzes were performed using IBM SPSS Statistics 24.0. At the end, suggestions were made based on theoretical and statistical indicators and analyzes, and a developmental perspective was shown.

KeyWords:Terms-entrepreneurship,women’s entrepreneurship, development of women’s entrepreneurship.