Establishment of Open Governance in Georgia: Challenges and Opportunities

Proceedings of The International Conference On Research In Management

Year: 2019


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Establishment of Open Governance in Georgia: Challenges and Opportunities

Genadi Iashvili,Giga Phartenadze and Irakli Manvelidze




The development of the public administration information sector in Georgia has made it necessary to develop greater public sector openness, whereas in the era of information telecommunication technologies the development of open governance is a strategic commitment to promoting the economic well-being of a society, the formation of a democratic environment and stability. It enhances the country’s macro and micro economic environment, national competitiveness, facilitates the necessary democratic change with rational actions, promotes improvement of public administration processes and encourages broadening of public transparency, efficiency and effectiveness. It is noteworthy to say that the Georgian government has declared development of open governance as a precondition and priority for strategic development, building of a democratic, free, legal state, economic and social advancement and development of human resources.The process of open governance development has a significant impact on the functioning of the public administration system in Georgia. The analysis of the state legal normative and governance practices of modern Georgia allows us to conclude that the introduction of open governance technologies and values helps to reduce misunderstandings between the state an society and to strike a balance. At the same time, the introduction of management openness tools enhances the trust between the state and society, including effective feedback.The study of open governance as a new theory of governance and its practical context is a novelty in the Georgian scientific literature. Fundamental research in this field is still a novelty in Georgian reality. Our research in Georgian reality is distinguished by the novelty of the issue. At this stage of the study we are limited to conducting only theoretical research, which required the processing of information in both foreign and Georgian languages and defining the postulates of the new theory of open governance. In Georgian reality, open governance is seen as a new technical model of management, at the same time, for objective reasons, Georgian sources do not provide enough material to analyze the problem, accordingly, we used foreign sources and literature in the study. Therefore, the presented research is a novelty in terms of studying the theoretical and methodological aspects of public administration in Georgia.

Keywords: Management, Governance, State, Society, Government.