Improving photovoltaic panel efficiency using water cooling

Proceedings of The International Conference on Innovation in Renewable Energy and Power

Year: 2018 | Page No:27-33


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Improving photovoltaic panel efficiency using water cooling

R. Maouedj, M. Benmedjahed, B. Berbaoui, A. Mammeri and D. Saba



The paper proposes a design to improve the electrical efficiency of PV panels using Water Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal (PV-T) system. The objective of the present work is to reduce the temperature of the solar cell in order to increase its electrical conversion efficiency.
The prototype composed by two side by side identical photovoltaic modules. The first PV module cooled by water while the second one was considered as standard. The electrical and thermal performances of the system are investigated under ambient temperature conditions in ADRAR, South of ALGERIA during July 2018 where the average annual solar irradiance is more than 1100 W/m² and the temperature is more than 48 °C.