Status of Female Carpet Weavers in Nepal

Proceedings of The 13th International Conference on Modern Research in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2021


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Status of Female Carpet Weavers in Nepal

kunsang Gurung, 2kincho Dhunduk Sherpa, 3duetse Nyingpo Lama



The carpet industry is a labor-intensive sector where most of the dominated ethnic, unemployed, and illiterate people are engaged. The work in carpet industries is of temporary nature. The high mass of farmers engaged in this field. So, it helps to transfer the surplus time of workers from agricultural fields. Carpet weaving does not require heavy physical labor, so it is so suitable work for rural people in the urban area and for women workers. The labor forces are heterogeneous, composed of different castes and family backgrounds and with levels of skill and earnings. In order, to study the status of the women workers in the carpet industries a survey was done in the carpet industry located in Lalitpur district, Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city. This study selected 25 carpet weaving women from five carpet industries. The study found that most of the female workers come to cities to find safe shelter and save their lives. Most of the displaced people, tend to come to Kathmandu city where most of the carpet factories operate. Because of the type of work and its informal nature carpet industry has always been an easy entry point for females. The study has found the despite the hard work women worker has always been less paid and they are in vulnerable situations.

keywords: Child Labor; Education; Home; Rape; Trafficking.