Brand Personality: An Application for Singapore as a Brand

Proceedings of The International Conference on Future of Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2019


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Brand Personality: An Application for Singapore as a Brand




This article discusses the potential roles of brand personality on branding Singapore. In marketing literature, the construct of brand personality has been employed to examine the perception of brand image in several contexts in addition to those of typical brands and products. Because a country may also be viewed as a brand, the brand personality construct, when associated with a country, could probably be a promising avenue for the application of this marketing construct. In addition, from a managerial perspective, treating a country as a brand could be an important tool for country positioning and thus draw more tourism, business, and investment to a given country. The present study adopts a qualitative research to gain more insightful findings in this topic as well as exploring the possibility that new country personality dimensions and/or traits will emerge. Data collected from Thai consumers reveal eight dimensions of Singapore’s country personality including competence, agreeableness, self-sustainability, peacefulness, rigidity, sophistication, tourism-orientation, and finally negativity. A number of theoretical and practical implications regarding country personality and country branding can be drawn from the study results.

Keywords: brand personality, country personality, marketing, Singapore.