Gender and Students’ Achievement in Statistics

Proceedings of the International Conference on Research in Education, Teaching and Learning.

Year: 2018 | Page No:84


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Gender and Students’ Achievement in Statistics

Ogbonnaya U. I.



Many studies indicate the existence of differences in academic achievement between males and females students. In mathematics, some studies suggest that female students achieve higher than males students at all levels of schooling while other studies suggest the contrary. This study explored whether gender has any effect on student achievement in statistics at secondary school level. Data was collected using and achievement test in statistics from a sample of 490 (204 males and 286 females) grade 12 students from seven secondary schools in a province in South Africa. The study employed a quantitative research approach and ex-post-facto research design. The data was analysed using t-test in SPSS 23. Result showed that there was no significant difference between the achievements of female and male students in six of the schools. The educational implications of the findings are discussed.

Keywords: academic achievement, academic performance, gender, statistics.