Impact and Improvement of Technological Infrastructure Services in The Health Sector

Proceedings of the International Conference on Business, Management and Finance

Year: 2019


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Impact and Improvement of Technological Infrastructure Services in The Health Sector

Mayra Victoria Lizcano López, Laura Beatriz Vidal Turrubiates and Eloisa Mendoza Vázquez



Nowadays, due to the development and scope of information technology (IT), both public and private health institutions have been seeing great changes as a basis in the development of citizen care activities. Talking about the health sector and the strategic changes in IT, is talking about a reorganization that breaks the model of a compacted organizational culture,to promote new growth strategies offering quality services to the community.Today, technology and innovation in healthcare units are essential, facing major challenges that arise in developing sustainable health systems, all aimed at achieving the basic elements such as quality, safety and universal coverage, where the key pieces for to achieve it are innovation and updating.IT advances at great speed, raising the disposition of all potential, where its usefulness in the health units guarantees the improvement of hospital administration, bringing great benefits for the sector. This research presents a proposal of solid IT infrastructure for the Center for Health of Expanded Services (CESSA) Dr. Maximiliano Dorantes, Villahermosa Tabasco, for the configuration of networks, improvement of processes and services of citizen attention, in addition to achieving security of patient information through electronic clinical systems as an improvement in IT services. Likewise, it allows enabling new technologies,which makes it indispensable to offer IT services and deliver reliable results to end users.

Keywords: Health sector; hospitals; information technology; innovation; technological,infrastructure.