Impact of Multiple Intelligence Based Intervention on Cognitive Abilities of Students

Proceedings of The International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Impact of Multiple Intelligence Based Intervention on Cognitive Abilities of Students

Hemant Nanda, Shruti Marwaha, Geetika Nanda



As an enlightening process, the principal and global intent of education is to enhance students’ cognitive abilities. Cognitive abilities induce progressive attainment and retention of learning skills that enable children to apply the attained information. Cognitive abilities can be improved by providing the right training to children. An in-depth longitudinal study was conducted to analyze the impact of educational intervention based on Gardner’s multiple intelligence on the cognitive abilities of the respondents. Cluster sampling was followed to extract a sample including 3500 school going boys and girls aged between 11-14 years in India.The sample was primarily categorized into experimental and control groups. Both the groups were assessed in terms of their intelligence quotient, focus factor, decision making ability,creative quotient, cognitive capacity and estimation level thrice during the timeline of 12months. Standardized cognitive ability assessment and multiple intelligence assessment were administered on them. Experimental group availed intervention whereas the control group was excluded from intervention. Intervention was provided in form of task-sheets based on the age and respective dominant multiple intelligence of each student. Eventually, a significant surge was notified in the cognitive abilities of experimental group while there was no such noticeable change in the cognitive abilities of control group. Therefore, it was concluded that the cognitive abilities of the children can be enhanced drastically if the educational instructions are imparted through their respective dominant intelligence. Hence, the educational system can become highly productive to bestow inevitable improvement in the development of cognitive abilities among students.

Keywords: creative quotient; cognitive capacity; estimation level; decision making ability; focus factor.