Traffic Accident Prevention among Senior People in The Northeast of Thailand

Proceedings of The International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Traffic Accident Prevention among Senior People in The Northeast of Thailand

Assoc. Professor Dr. Chulaporn Sota1, Assistant Prof. Wiparat Phokee,Songkiet Duangsadee, Miss Nawaporn Three–ost,Pornputhachat Sota, Dr.Tuenjai FuKuda



Descriptive research, study both quantitative and qualitative data, aimed to study traffic accident situation among senior people. The participants were senior people both female and Male > 65 yrs 728 persons and 208 senior people who has experience of traffic accident in 2 provinces, both urban and rural area, in the Northeastern of Thailand, Data were collected both qualitative and quantitative method. Data analysis by using SPSS program for quantitative data and content analysis for qualitative data. The results showed that major traffic accident situation in senior people were motorcyclist accident, cause of high speed, drunk drive, hit animals, and bad environment, senior people in rural area believe that traffic accident unpreventable because of sin. Senior people who had experience of traffic accident found that factors related traffic accident was careless bad behavior, most of traffic accident not severity, admit hospital < 5 days. In order to road safety control senior people should be improve of safety road, suitable vehicle, safety environment and continuing campaign throughout the year, local authority must increase concern for safety legislation.

Keywords: Traffic, Accident, Prevention, Senior People, Thailand.