Perspectives of Innovation Development(Case of Kazakhstan)

Proceedings of The International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Perspectives of Innovation Development(Case of Kazakhstan)

Farida Yerdavletova



The article analyzes the problems in the implementation of innovation policy in Kazakhstan.Kazakhstan is in the top 50 in terms of economic development. But this development is based on extractive industries. At the same time the country tried unsuccessfully to enter the number in the top 100 of the innovation economy. Accepted by many government documents and policies, the state spends hundreds of millions of dollars, but the economy is steadily growing on the commodity path. What causes this, and can I fix it?The author gives advice on the formation of a new concept of innovation. Provides recommendations for an enabling environment for inventors and involvement in innovation regions, the development of effective mechanisms for the relationship between science and innovation, providing demand for innovation and planning innovation.Kazakhstan is better to focus on a very narrow range of directions of innovative development,especially health care, work on models of global capitalization of ideas, build a culture of innovation with school families, to the regionalization of innovation policy, science and the natural sciences, to reform the regulatory framework of innovation, competition and export support innovative companies, tax incentives for leading companies. The article highlights 3 versions of innovative development.

Keywords:  Innovative Development; Problems and Inhibiting Factors of Innovation Development;Strategy of Innovative Development; Strengthening Innovation Development.