Gender Stereotypes in the EFL Classroom

Proceedings of The ‏Global Conference on Education and Teaching

Year: 2021


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Gender Stereotypes in the EFL Classroom

Darja Pipuš



The paper Gender Stereotypes in the EFL Classroom deals with stereotyping and in particular gender stereotyping in EFL. It researches whether gender stereotyping exists in EFL, in what way and how to overcome it. In the beginning it describes stereotyping, sexism, gender roles and how they are present in the EFL classrooms. It furthermore discusses why this is a problem, the relevance of gender stereotypes and the period of middle childhood in terms of the development of self-image and how to overcome it. The central part of the paper focuses on ways of overcoming stereotyping and gender stereotyping in the EFL classroom and emphasises the role of the teacher. In terms of methodology, the paper is theoretical in nature and uses the descriptive research method as it describes previous findings on the topic and comparative research method when comparing professional and scientific findings of different authors. The article is also based on the author’s personal work and activities in the classroom in her 20 years of teaching English.

Keywords: middle childhood, gender, stereotypes, sexism, teachers.