Feminism and social media: A New Way of Mobilization?

Proceedings of The World Conference on Gender Equality

Year: 2023



Feminism and social media: A New Way of Mobilization?

Dr. Maria Kalfa




This article examines the emergence of a new public space, that of the mass media in the discourse on feminism during the pandemic in Greek society. This paper attempts to examine the views of Greek feminist women’s collectives and organizations as far as the relationship between feminism and mass media is concerned. Social media has also enabled women who have been victims of gender-based violence to speak out and seek help. If one focuses on the opportunity it gives many victims to speak and be heard, the factor of anonymity seems to have many benefits. On the one hand, the voices of feminist action were strengthened, but on the other hand, the question of mobilization and the relationship of the protest with the street and with living presence and mobilization was raised.

keywords: gender, feminism, crisis, politics, social media