Student Hardships: Hopelessness, Resilience and Social Support

Proceedings of The Global Conference on Children and Youth

Year: 2021


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Student Hardships: Hopelessness, Resilience and Social Support

Anukriti Dixit




India has been struck hard by COVID-19 since the very beginning of 2020. In the past 1.5 years, we have learned, evolved, and dealt with deadly stages of the virus affecting the mass on a chronic level. Facing such a prolonged, unpredictable, and stressful event, may produce pessimistic life expectations of the future, along with feelings of hopelessness. In such situations, the presence of social support and resilience is a primary system to overcome hopelessness, especially in students. The present study aims to present a comparative analysis between university (N=40, F=20, M=20) and 12th standard students (N=40, F=20, M=20) on hopelessness, social support & resilience during COVID-19. An elaborate t-test and mean scores were used to effectively observe the differences between university and 12th standard students. The results indicated that the null hypothesis Ho 9 was rejected with proof of significant difference in social support in male and female candidates of class 12th. The study implies that COVID-19 has an equal impact on the student population’s hopelessness, resilience, and social support levels, regardless of their gender. It also has important implications for future studies and understanding the importance of mental health provisions in the country and can prove to be an essential asset in formulating prevention and coping strategies.

keywords: COVID-19 Pandemic, Hopelessness, Resilience, Social Support, Mental health.