Teacher’s Role in Encouraging Student Participation in Reading Skills

Proceedings of The International Conference on Applied Research in Education

Year: 2019


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Teacher’s Role in Encouraging Student Participation in Reading Skills

Buket Kara Yılmaz



It is a significant truth that acquiring a new language requires mastering in different skills for students in any levels. Comprehension in reading is one of the most important parts for both students and teachers in English Language Teaching. Making them aware of the skills in reading such as skimming, scanning, etc. helps both teachers and students to achieve their goals. What’s more, learners not only comprehend the texts but also they broaden and improve various language skills and cultural aspects. This study aims to illustrate why teacher’s role is important in encouraging student participation for reading skills in any levels. It is an undeniable fact that language teachers have great impact on motivating students especially in reading because most of the students hesitate to read most of the texts in course books even if they are short and simple. Therefore, being involved in such studies gives students opportunities to read in a more effective way by focusing on several reading strategies. Another reason why motivation is vital for students is to develop themselves in terms of gaining creative thinking skills and flourish their self-confidence by expressing their ideas freely in the language they are learning. In this study, it has been clearly indicated that how teachers can encourage students to participate in reading activities in a detailed way.

Keywords: comprehension, creative thinking skills, cultural aspects, language learning, reading skills.