How to Overcome Anxiety While Teaching Speaking for Lower Level Students in ELT

Proceedings of The International Conference on Applied Research in Education

Year: 2019


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How to Overcome Anxiety While Teaching Speaking for Lower Level Students in ELT

Berna Özgür



Teaching different kinds of skills are of the great importance in ELT. One of the most challenging skills, which is used either in classrooms or out of the class, is speaking. It consists of several other skills and it is considered as a burden especially for lower level students since it causes great anxiety and stress for them. This study is about how to overcome anxiety for teachers while teaching speaking. In addition to this, it includes the reasons and the solutions that teachers should pay attention to while forming their lesson plans and implementing it in the syllabus. It also contributes to the variety of techniques that can be used for how to overcome this nervousness by producing and using classroom material. The content of the activities is explained, and each solution is illustrated with specified examples and detailed explanations. With this study, it can be observed that trying to overcome the stress levels by implementing different techniques develops both teachers’ and students’ success and makes them more sufficient and competent in using this skill. Using these in ELT is a significant source for the educators who would like to take language learning outside the textbooks by creating more friendly and distressing atmosphere.

Keywords: speaking skill, burden, motivation, language learning.