Measurement and Simulation of Mosfet Device Parameters

Proceedings of the 8th International conference on Research in Engineering, Science and Technology

Year: 2018


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Measurement and Simulation of Mosfet Device Parameters

Ahmet Toprak



Knowing the current-voltage (I-V) characteristics of MOSFETs used as switching devices is very important in circuit designs where detailed specifications are needed. Therefore, preapplication simulation is very important. Simulation of power electronic devices can be done with MATLAB, PSpice and LTSpice software packages.
In this study we measured a commercial MOSFET devices and compared with the LTSpice and MATLAB/Simulink simulation. Two-channel power supply, which can be controlled by a PC or a GPIB, is required to measure the I-V characteristics of MOSFET devices. We measured the MOSFET with a Keithley 2634B Power Supply. The MOSFET measurements were limited to ±20.2V at ±1.5A maximum or ±202V at ±100mA maximum per channel by the power supply. It is found that good agreements observed between measurement and simulations in output and transfer characteristics.

Keywords: MOSFET, MATLAB/Simulink, LTSpice.