Convergent Philosophy

Proceedings of ‏The 8th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities

Year: 2020


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Convergent Philosophy

Nguyen Ba Trinh



In human history, there are too many wars, it is difficult to list fully. Entering the century XX- XXI, wars still continued at different scales. Besides, there is also the divisions of the nation, the disintegration of the social system … Is it possible, the world will be divided and increasingly distant each other? So far, still no theory has answered that question. Perhaps the main reason is not found a theoretical basis, or a thinking model.As is known, in nature and human society, there are often common or similar laws. However, human society is a very complex system. Therefore, sociologists often take ideas from natural science as a scientific basis and research model. This method has been used by René Descartes, Herbert Spencer, Kenneth D. Bailey, Talcott Parson, Niklas Luhmann, Erich Jantsh, Peter Grimes…Although many natural models have been used for social research, none has shown the trend of social evolution. So, to find this model, we consider the evolutionary trend of nature. The result showed, in the scale of the universe, matter has evolved in convergent trend. Thanks to that trend, the first stars are formed, followed by galaxies, black holes and the heavy chemical elements … The convergent trends also exist in the water environment on Earth and lead to life formation. In biosystem, the biochemical molecules: DNA, protein, collagen, reserve lipid…also tend to increase a convergent level in biological evolution.  The convergent trend in material evolution is used by us to examine the evolutionary trend of human society. The results show that human society also evaluate in the trend of convergence. In prehistoric times, people lived scattered in groups, later formed clans. Gradually many clans gathered together to form tribes. With increasing population, the tribal alliances, emirate, then nation in turn appeared. Entering the era of civilization, the speed of convergence is increasing. It is reflected in the urban convergence, the formation of national alliances, such as the European Union, the African Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations … Besides, there are many other ways to link countries with different goals, such as the United Nations, the International Trade Organization (WTO), the World Health Organization (WHO) … At the same time, the countries different each other on political institutions and economic institutions are adjusting policies to enable global cooperation. Thus, the trend of convergence is a common law of nature and society. Currently, humanity is facing many challenges, such as environmental issues, health issues, terrorism issues … Therefore, social convergence is not only a law but also an urgent need. In future, the young generations are born in the flat world, will share each other the similarly living Condition and every people around the globe have convergent need. The human history is the convergent history.

Keywords: Convergent philosophy; Human history; Evolutionary trend; Material convergence; Social convergence.