Minimal Units in the Cinematographic Language

Proceedings of ‏The 8th International Conference on Modern Approach in Humanities

Year: 2020


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Minimal Units in the Cinematographic Language

Sawsan Mohammed Ezzat Ibrahim Ammer



Most of the pioneer film semioticians spent their time looking for literal equivalences between linguistic and filmic units. Many of discussions were about the relation between double articulation and minimal units. Christian Metz is the first among the film-lingustic pioneers. Research problem, Metz says that analyses of the articulation of a “code” like lighting has no equivalent of the double articulation of natural languge. So it has no minimal units. That is one of the reasons why Metz considered cinema as a language system not as language. The research aim: will find out if the lighting has a minimal units or not. By analyses of the articulation of codes in lighting. Research significance: finding out the minimal units in single cods such lighting assures linguistic cinema. The research follows inferential, descriptive methodology.

Keywords: lighting- signs -semiology- cinematography- articulation.