Service Quality of PALMA Municipalities: Innovations to Management System

Proceedings of ‏The 8th International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting

Year: 2021


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Service Quality of PALMA Municipalities: Innovations to Management System

Ma. Irish Ace B. Magatao



The goal of this study is to find out the service quality of PALMA municipality. This study used qualitative with semi-structured online interviews with employees of PALMA municipality. First-hand knowledge and personal experiences were obtained through the participants’ own words regarding the service quality. Interviews were triangulated with supporting documents. The data were analyzed using constant comparative method, where data from the interviews, documents collected, and observations were compared. The findings of the study revealed that service quality in PALMA municipalities were important to customers especially in Leadership, Planning, Support, Operation, Performance and Evaluation and Improvement. They delivered quality services as access to the customers which is evident in the frontline services of the municipalities. Recommendations were made for the municipal leaders to strengthen a service-oriented culture by employing appropriate leadership characteristics and lead their subordinates in an effective fashion in order to positively influence employee stress levels, motivation, satisfaction, and ultimate service quality delivery, enhance their monitoring and evaluation mechanism for continuously improve its quality service. And institutionalize internal and external customer survey mechanism, and assign responsible person to collect, analyze and interpret the data from the survey.

Keywords: evaluation; improvement; leadership; monitoring; satisfaction.