Communication Preferences Towards Better Engagement with Millenials on Instagram social media

Proceedings of The 8th International Academic Conference on Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Communication Preferences Towards Better Engagement with Millenials on Instagram social media

Prof. Dr. Ilijana Petrovska, Anu Jossan




Social media are emerging as an alternative channel for communication given that they enable targeted marketing campaigns at affordable prices.
Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among the younger generation. If the brands want to target millennials and build effective communication with them, they must discover and understand what the millennials preferences on this social media are.
The purpose of this research is focused on determining the type of visual brand communication that millennials prefer the most as well to discover the type of content that the millennials are most found of in order to increase the likelihood of their engagement with the brand.
The information obtained from this study would be useful for companies or brands that want to increase the level of customer engagement with their brand on social networks, especially on Instagram. Instagram as one of the fastest growing and the most used social media by the millennials or generation Y is of the great importance for brand communication, as in future will have greater purchasing power.
For this research we used semi-structured in-depth interview as a method for better discussion, using open-ended questions so respondents more easily explain their behavior on Instagram and their views about brand engagement on this social media. Semi-structured interview was also chosen as a research method in order to determine and better understand the type of visual brand communication that millennial prefer on Instagram. The sample consists of 30 (thirty) responders aged between 22 (twenty-two) and 38 (thirty-eight), urban male and female Instagram users, classified as millennials or generation Y.
The results of this study are showing that millennials or generation Y, engage with visual brand content on Instagram mostly by liking the posts. However, the way of sharing the content is different. Sharing and commenting can sometimes overlap due to the Instagram tagging option.
From marketing perspective, customer’s engagement with the brand content on Instagram is a formula for success that not only can improve the brand communication endeavour but the brand itself.

keywords: Instagram, Millenials, Brand communication, Engagement