Cher, Where Do Red Peonies Bloom? A Case of Philippine Sexed Classroom Implementation

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Cher, Where Do Red Peonies Bloom? A Case of Philippine Sexed Classroom Implementation

Leo Vicentino, Raya Riego De Dios, Chloe Millena, Kristen Louise Poblador




As schools in the Philippines included sexuality education in the curriculum; still, sex, gender, and sexuality-related discourses were not openly discussed by Filipino families. Despite efforts of academic institutions to teach this to the most vulnerable groups, lack of parent participation and insufficient reliable learning materials are noticeable factors that limit concerned stakeholders to achieving the goals of the Comprehensive Sexual Education Framework (CSE). In the development efforts for teaching-learning process related to the issue, one challenge noticed would be previous studies centered their analyses on particular age groups overlooking the learning characteristics of younger adolescents due to ethical issues. Hence, this study aimed to document immersions in Philippine SexEd classroom case. Teachers’ and administrators’ views on designing to implementing SexEd classroom were collected through semi-structured interviews. Moreover, considering varying principles in the teaching-learning process in Sex-Ed, Junior High School curriculum map, and topics prescribed by the Department of Education, teacher plans and materials were collected as coreference point to responses. Data analysis followed the codebook thematic tradition. In conclusion, the researchers have revealed the following themes (1) Challenges in the Implementation of Sexuality Education: (a) The Opposing Views, and (b) Approaches in Handling Concerns; (2) Best practices in the current implementation: (a) Personal Leading and/or Teaching Approaches (b) Marks of learning, and (c) Modified Framework for Sexuality Education; and (3) Development of Learning Materials. Despite Sexuality Education’s full implementation, this study identified detailed restrictions obstructing the flow, providing points to redetermine the current framework’s local application.

keywords: learning, material, perception, Sexuality Education, teaching