Meteorological drought monitoring using several drought indices (Case study: Aligudarz county)

Proceedings of ‏The 7th International Conference on Innovation in Science and Technology

Year: 2020


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Meteorological drought monitoring using several drought indices (Case study: Aligudarz county)

Tahmine Dehghani, Hedieh Ahmadpari, Fatemeh aghelmirrezaei, Ahmad Godarzi



Drought is caused decrease by of rainfall, runoff and soil moisture and also increase of air temperature and water table compared to long time average condition. Drought can be divided into four major groups of Meteorological, Hydrological, Agricultural and Social- economical which meteorological drought will be evaluated by rainfall values comparing with its average. The application of drought indicators in summarizing many of the effective parameters in drought is useful for planners at different levels. In this research, PNI, DI, SPI, ZSI, CZI and MCZI indices have been used to monitor the drought in Aligudarz county. In this study, DIP software is used to calculate meteorological drought indicators; and the value of these indicators for the Kazemabad station of Aligudarz county in a period of 48 years (1970-2018) has been estimated and analyzed. The results show that SPI, PNI, CZI and ZSI indices have almost the same trend. And the trends of SPI, CZI and ZSI indices are almost the same. With these interpretations, it can be concluded that the three indices SPI, CZI and ZSI for determining dry periods achieve the same results. Also, the trend of PNI index is in line with the trend of these three indicators. The DI index has a trend similar to the four mentioned indices, but the intensity of fluctuations is very high. The MCZI index is quite different from the other five indices in the process and in determining drought. The MCZI index is not able to display and determine the drought and wetness of this region on an annual scale because the results are the same for all years (Moderately dry).

Keywords: DIP software, Drought indicators, CZI, MCZI, ZSI, PNI, SPI.