Call Centres’ Integration in the Abode of Ex-Colonized Countries: Morocco as a Case Study

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Research in Humanities and Social Sciences

Year: 2023



Call Centres’ Integration in the Abode of Ex-Colonized Countries: Morocco as a Case Study

Dr. Mohammed ADLI





Over the last few years, many companies around the world have gained a growing awareness that global competition has reduced products and profits. This is why most companies found that managing customer relationship in an efficient way can be regarded as a key to success in today’s business world. To achieve this goal, they aimed at placing a big emphasis on time and quality, which means that customers should be served considerately at any time and from anywhere. Indeed, a call centre is believed to be the best solution for this type of service; it is the place where there are a number of agents who are supposed to be well trained and skilled enough to meet the requirements of their customers. Morocco, similar to many other countries, has witnessed the implementation of a number of call centres. Big French companies have decided to take advantage of various facilities that some African countries like Morocco tend to provide. However, it should be acknowledged that this integration has been associated with various linguistic and cultural problems. The present paper will try, on the one hand, to shed some light on the history and definition of call centres and, on the other hand, to put under scrutiny the advantages and disadvantages behind locating French call centres in Morocco. The main aim behind this analysis is to check whether Morocco has been successful in attracting these centres or not.

keywords: Call Centre History, Definition, Outsourcing, Location Advantages, Location Disadvantages