EFL Teachers’ Practice of And Voice on Reflective Teaching

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2023



EFL Teachers’ Practice of And Voice on Reflective Teaching

Prof. Yenni Rozimela, Sitti Fatimah, Nora Fudhla




The role of reflection as an effort to foster the quality of instruction is unquestionable. This study attempts to design a Reflective Practice model integrated with Lesson Study principles that accentuate the implementation of collegiality and reflection. A field testing of the designed model has been carried out to three nominated EFL teachers in three open class sessions to know teachers’ experience and challenges of reflection during the practice.  Prior to the testing, they were involved in a short workshop where the concept of reflective teaching was discussed and a few examples were provided. The data were collected through observation and interview. The result of analysis reveals that the teachers did some reflection as seen in a few quick changes they made to respond to the unexpected reactions of their students. Nonetheless, it was obvious that the teachers need more guidance and practice to exercise their sensitivity to do reflection-in-action; there were several instances of which immediate strategic improvement in the process of the teaching and learning were needed. The interview conducted after the lesson indicates the challenges they faced were: 1) unfamiliarity with reflective teaching, 2) inability to capture the big size of class, 3) lack of anticipation, and 4) adherence to pre-designed lesson plan. Based on these findings, it is suggested that supporting parties such as principals and supervisors develop programs through which teachers are guided and monitored in their reflective practice.

Keywords: Guidance, Reflective Teaching, Teachers’ challenges, Teachers Reflection, Reflection-in-action