Transterminologisation: A Formation Tool in Neuromarketing Thesaurus

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2023



Transterminologisation: A Formation Tool in Neuromarketing Thesaurus

Arusyak Ivanyan




This study highlights the phenomenon of transterminologisation as a linguistic process by which terms from one science inflow into another and adapt. As a result of term movement, the terminology of certain scientific fields as well as neuromarketing enriches. It is known that neuromarketing comprises the concepts of biology, psychology, and technology. The specific objective is to investigate on how transterminologisation fosters the enrichment and change of meaning in neuromarketing terminology. Observation and interviews were conducted to collect data from ten selected managers to choose a mentor for business purposes. The results reveal that implicit transterminologisation enhances the thesaurus of neuromarketing as a science. Explicit transterminolgisation refers to brand names used as highly effective decision-making tools in diverse business situations. Hence, it is crucial to analyze transterminologisation in the context of neuromarketing from semantic and sociolinguistic perspectives to validate the study.

Keywords: implicit transterminologisation, explicit transterminologisation, neuromarketing, branding, sociolinguistics