Towards An Analytical Framework for Value Configurations

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Management, Economics and Finance

Year: 2023



Towards An Analytical Framework for Value Configurations

Magnus Johansson




Based on Thompson’s (1967) three technologies, Stabell and Fjeldstad (1998) proposed three value configurations; the value shop, the value chain and the value network. However, the technologies in Thompson has been recognized as being a variety rather than a typology and in contrast with Thompson’s ambition to produce two-by-two classification schemes. Also, Johansson and Jonsson (2012) proposed a new value configuration: the package configuration after studies of industrial firms’ value configurations. Thus, the question arises: in order to facilitate analysis of hybrid forms and changes between value configurations, how can value configurations be classified and along what dimensions? This paper expands on the current literature on value configurations to provide a deeper understanding of how they can be classified. A two-by-two matrix is proposed where the value configurations are positioned according to the application of capabilities and the level of co-creation of customers.

keywords: value configurations, activities, technologies