The Fairy Tale – A Means of Influence on Children and Adults

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2023



The Fairy Tale – A Means of Influence on Children and Adults

Danijela Horvat Samardžija




The fairy tale has a magical power. By its content, which hides in itself many metaphors in which everyone can find a part of themselves, it attracts the youngest – but also some adults – as a magnet from which they cannot and would not part. It is just due to this power it possesses that a special attention needs to be devoted to it. The bookshelves check found out the literature in which some authors all that there is in the fairy tale connect with sexuality. The notion of sexuality refers to the whole personality of man, which comprises of biological, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural differences between men and women. What was found out encouraged the research the purpose of which was to discover on what basis authors founded the belief of theirs. A detailed analysis showed that the majority of their beliefs were unfounded. It also proved the belief that we adults are not supposed to give our explanations, as children understand the same fairy tale in different periods of their development differently. Discovered led to the research in which children through writing fairy tales made it possible for us to have an insight into their images about sexuality in the fairy tale. The written fairy tales analysis showed that it is important that we read to children different fairy tales, good fairy tales, as we in this way avoid that they form a wrong image about men and women that they bring it to the real world.

keywords: Biblical roles, biological roles, fairy tale, sexuality, social roles, stereotypes