Education: The Path to A United States of Europe

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Future of Teaching and Education

Year: 2023



Education: The Path to A United States of Europe

Jakub Szuman




Education systems play a crucial role in shaping the values, attitude and behaviours of of citizens. However, not all education systems are designed to promote cooperation and integration among different groups and regions. By adopting a comparative analysis between nations that engage in inter-state educational programmes (specifically, Erasmus) with levels of EU satisfaction levels, this paper will highlight a general trend that favours cooperation in nations that engage in higher levels of participation in inter-state programmes. This will be used as a foundation to examine how fragmented education systems can create divisions rather than foster cooperation, thus hindering the EUs path towards a greater unification status between member states. The paper concludes by suggesting some ways to overcome the fragmentation of EU education system and to foster cooperation and integration among the member states. It proposes some reform and initiatives to harmonise the curriculum and direction of the EU education system. It also recommends strategies to promote intercultural dialogue and exchange among students and teach ers from different backgrounds and regions.

keywords: education, social development, European Union, United States of Europe, cooperation