What Drives Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Family-Entertainment-Center-Provider?

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2022



What Drives Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Family-Entertainment-Center-Provider?

Difa Mubaroq, Indah Solekhati, Lily Leonita



The company applies various approaches to marketing strategies to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. This study analyzes how service quality and price perception affect customer satisfaction in forming customer loyalty. The data used are primary data with a purposive sampling technique. The target respondents were calculated using the slovin formula criteria; 400 Happy Kiddy Indonesia Lippo Plaza Ekaloksari Bogor customers who matched the respondent’s criteria filled out a Likert-scale online questionnaire. The research applied the seven hypotheses using quantitative methods. The results showed that service quality and price perception had a positive effect on customer satisfaction which indirectly had an impact on increasing customer loyalty. Indicators of service quality, such as fast, responsive, and friendly staff, and price perception indicators, such as affordable and reasonable prices with the facilities obtained, can significantly affect customer satisfaction. The satisfaction obtained by customers ultimately leads to an increased sense of loyalty. Management needs to maintain and innovate in the provision of services, such as improving maintenance and checking of game facilities and continue to pay attention to the prices offered to achieve the expected value perception to encourage increased satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, the Service Quality and Price Perception variables do not fully represent respondents’ answers related to the pleasure felt when playing at Happy Kiddy Indonesia. Therefore, it is recommended that further research provide additional perspectives on other variables to get more accurate results, such as promotion or marketing variables, the higher value perceived, company brand image, and quality variables.

keywords: Service Quality, Price Perception, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Loyalty