Electronic Tools for The Correct Use of The Slovenian Language in Seminar Papers

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Advanced Research in Teaching and Education

Year: 2023



Electronic Tools for The Correct Use of The Slovenian Language in Seminar Papers

Alenka Trpin




Electronic grammar and spelling-checking tools can be valuable for improving language skills in both spoken and written communication. These tools, such as Language Tool and Editor in Word, offer grammar and spelling suggestions for correction, while applications such as InstaText or Grammarly can analyse word usage and sentence structure in a particular language, such as English.
This article aims to explore useful tools available to Slovenian students to improve their skills in writing high-quality seminar papers, with a particular focus on writing a mathematics paper on the golden ratio. It addresses the question of what tools students use to improve their writing and produce excellent seminar papers, and to what extent they use modern reading technologies such as e-books and audiobooks.
A survey of students in vocational secondary schools found that less than half were using these tools, even though they were familiar with them. The reasons for this vary, including limited awareness of the usefulness of the tool, lack of motivation, or the understanding that these tools are tools rather than substitutes for developing writing skills.
To address this issue, it is crucial to raise students’ awareness of how electronic tools can help to improve grammar and writing skills. Encouraging their use during the learning process is essential. However, it is equally important to emphasise the importance of regular writing practice and learning from mistakes as essential components of skill development.

keywords: CJVTvejice, Gigafida, grammar skills, Word editor, writing skills