Marital Conflict and Adolescent Psycho-Social Well-Being: Mediation and Moderation Analysis

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Advanced Research in Social Sciences and Humanities

Year: 2023



Marital Conflict and Adolescent Psycho-Social Well-Being: Mediation and Moderation Analysis

Nino Kitoshvili




The family is an integral part of society, which plays a major role in the socialization and the formation of a person as a full member of society. The marital conflict even harms family members and finds a different effect on each member of the family, especially on children. There is significant difference in the behavior of adolescents in conflict and non-conflict families. At this time, to support the well-being of the child, a special role is played by improving the marital relationship which must be supported by state and community services. There are very few family studies in this field in Georgia, the therapeutic direction of the family is at an early stage and there are no family-supporting psycho-social programs. This increases the chances of adolescent psycho-social well-being deteriorating  amd socialization problems. The study will examine the mediating variables of marital conflict and adolescent psycho-social well-being and will attempt to determine their mediating and moderating role. Research suggests that an increase in the rate of marital conflict is associated with a decrease in child well-being. The well-being of children in conflict families is lower than that of children in non-conflict families and depends on the variables of mediating variables, such as; Family income; Parenting style; The functioning of the family, and the existence of psycho-social support. In a family with low economic performance, low psychosocial harassment, family dysfunction, and bad parenting style, marital conflict significantly increases the risk of deteriorating adolescent psycho-social well-being. Quantitative research will be conducted to study this phenomenon through a questionnaire developed and standardized in the research process. The study will be attended by families living in Georgia – spouses (married) and their adolescent children. By analyzing the data obtained from the research, we will be able to determine in which cases the intensity of the relationship between the marital conflict and the well-being of the adolescent increases or decreases; To conclude the mediating and moderating role of mediating variables and also to make relevant recommendations to reduce the negative impact on the psycho-social well-being of a child of marital conflict.

keywords: Adolescent, marital conflict, mediation and moderation, psycho – social well-being