An Analysis of User Experience in The Metaverse Community

Proceedings of The 7th International Conference on Advanced Research in Business, Management and Economics

Year: 2023



An Analysis of User Experience in The Metaverse Community

Prof. Dr. Shihping Kevin Huang




The current research on the motivations and factors of consumers using social VR is mostly based on user engagement without looking at user experiences. This study intends to fill the gap and to further explore the key factors affecting user experience in the metaverse. The research sample of this study is mainly active users in the “Meta Horizon” and “Second Life”. These are users who have a basic concept of VR devices and social VR, that is, they have at least experience in using VR devices, and social VR-related information is preferred. This research adopts the questionnaire survey method. In addition to users in “Meta Horizon” and “Second Life”, we will also collect data from the Bahamut VRChat Hara version, the academic research section of the Bahamut homepage, and the Bahamut VR open community (Line community), as well as VRChat Chinese area, VR Taiwan virtual reality fandom alliance, and free Steam games-Chinese Taiwan discussion area. Based on the above background, this study finds that performance expectations, effort expectations, social influence, convenience conditions, hedonic motivation, and price value have a direct impact on behavioral intentions in the metaverse.

keywords: metaverse, user experiences